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Campus Room Reservations

Need a private room to study or have a private space for a virtual meeting or appointment? There are a few locations on campus for your use.  Please read the instructions for each reservable space below:


Campus Center Multi-Use Rooms on the Theater Level:

  • Check-in and check-out will be at the Game Room window
  • Hours are Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • You can make a reservation online here:
  • Rooms can be reserved for a maximum of 2.5 hours per reservation
  • Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance, and up to two hours prior to the time needed
  • Reservations are not required, but suggested in order to ensure the room is available when needed

The Multi-Cultural Center in Taylor Hall Room 115

University Library Rooms:

  • There are more than 35 rooms available to reserve for both group and individual study at University Library
  • Room reservations should be made in advance when possible to ensure 1st priority
  • Study room policies should be reviewed here prior to making reservations: study room policies
  • There are Dell PC’s as well as Apple Mac computers in the group study rooms
  • Users are allowed up to 18 hours per week or 6 hours per day to allow for fair opportunity to all students
  • Rooms need to be vacated 30 minutes prior to the building close
  • Reservations can be made by visiting this link: